Brandon Chick-fil-A to begin offering free drone delivery

The future of fast food is really taking off, pun intended!  

The Chick-fil-A on East Brandon Boulevard is now one of the first in the country to offer drone delivery.  

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Meaning the next time you want a chicken sandwich, forget the busy drive-up line; you can have it fly its way right to you. 

"I think with the kids trying to get them in the car, that would be a plus. You won’t have to put them in a car," said customer Jared Roeckner. 

Here's how the birds take flight.  

You place an order on the Chick-fil-A app, your food gets handed off to the Drone-Up team, they attach it to a drone in the parking lot, and then it's flown and dropped off to you.  

The catch is, for the time being, the deliveries must be within 1.2 miles and weather permitting. 

This is at least the second major Bay Area company to offer home drone delivery.  Back in March, Walmart showed off its partnership with Drone-Up.  Customers say the future is now. 

"Yeah, I think it’s the future, it’s here now…I’ll try it," said Roeckner. 

"I think drones are going to get more prevalent in every aspect of our life," said customer James Wheeler. 

Even when you've got a hankering for chicken.