Children's Dream Fund specializes in gifts of hope

It was a queen's welcome for 16-year-old Ira Covington at Powerchord, a high-tech company in St. Pete. Ira’s dream to own a camera just came true, thanks to the Children's Dream Fund. 

They grant wishes to chronically ill children and have been doing it since 1981.

"It gives them a lot of hope," said executive director Cynthia Farrell. "It’s a really good thing to do. It has a really lasting impact on children and their families." 

Ira has sickle cell anemia, a condition in which there aren't enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen throughout the body. 

"Growing up with it is kind of difficult," Ira offered. "I have to deal with pain." 

Ever since the sixth grade, Ira has wanted to be a photographer. Recently, Powerchord granted Ira's wish of owning her own camera.

"She was so excited. It was so fun to watch her open them, especially the camera. Her face just really lit up," said Powerchord employee Nicole Clemens.

"I was like. ‘Thank you,’" said Ira's mother, LaMeca Covington. "Makes them feel like there's somebody thinking of them." 

It’s help that Ira and her family will never forget. 

"I like to say thank you to them because they are helping children,” she added.

LINK: Learn more about the Children's Dream Fund on their website