"Cholesterade" drink aims to lower cholesterol naturally

Firefighter John Dacko credits a drink for improving his health. He's been using Cholesterade, a powdered drink mix used with water or juice.

"My cholesterol has dropped significantly," said Dacko

It was developed by the late Dr. Robert Cade, the University of Florida inventor behind the popular sports drink Gatorade.

"Dr. Cade had high cholesterol himself and he wanted to create something that was all-natural he was taking statin drugs and the side effects were very hard on him.

"The product worked so well for him that he went forward, he did a case study. And in the case study, he found the results were phenomenal in a very short period of time", said Jim Price, the chairman, and CEO of Go Epic Health.

The company acquired the rights to manufacture and distribute Cholesterade. 

"We use all-natural ingredients, all-natural flavors, it only has two grams of sugar per serving," said Price.

They say fiber is a key ingredient. 

"Seven grams of fiber per serving. That's the active ingredient that really has an effect on lowering your cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, the weight management digestive issues," said Price.

The company formed a medical advisory board. 

"We want to make sure that product itself you can't dispute the fact that it works," said Price.

They've been conducting clinical studies, one recently with a doctor in The Villages.

"She had a hundred women, just a women's study and they take the product twice a day and the results came out fantastic," said Price.

Dacko said this is the only lifestyle change he's made.

"My LDL went from 110 down to 80 and now they've sat at 80 for the last year or so."

Go Epic Health said this could be a natural alternative for those, who like Dr. Cade, have a hard time with statins.

"We're kind of going head to head with those people to a certain extent because there is a lot of people that can't take statins and a lot of people that don't want to take statins," said Price.

And the taste?

"Gatorade is probably a little sweeter. This is sweet but it's not like a sports drink," Dacko offered.

Clinical trials of Cholesterade are underway in Memphis and Gainesville. Right now it's available at 5,000 retail locations across the country and on Amazon.

LINK: For more information about Cholesterade, https://cholesterade.com/