Christmas surprise: Baby born in the car on the shoulder of US 301 in Bradenton

A Manatee County couple got a Christmas surprise. Their baby girl made her debut one week early and came so fast, she was delivered on the side of the road.

Saturday, December 28 is Deyanira Franklind Araiza's due date, but her baby, Zoey made a dramatic entrance into the world last Saturday.

"I just wanted to know that she was healthy and safe, since she was born in the car,” Araiza said.

Zoey was born in the front seat of the car. Deyanira says the entire labor lasted around 15 minutes.

"My fiancé was over the phone telling me like, 'breathe, you know, just breathe so you can make it, breathe,' and I was trying so hard to breathe and I just, I don’t know, my body just decided to push her out. She was ready to come out,” said Deyanira.

They were on their way to the birthing center when Deyanira told her mom to pull over. Dania Morgado got to town from Miami the night before and had to play midwife on the side of U.S. 301 and University Parkway.

"Her head came out first and then my mom delivered the rest of her body," Deyanira said.

Older brother, Herc, saw the entire delivery from the back seat. Dad, meanwhile, was on his way to work.       

“I was freaking out, called 911, gave them her cellphone number, maybe they could ping her location, find her,” explained Charles Dawson III.

It was hectic and everything happened so fast but mom and baby made it to the hospital and Charles finally got to meet his little princess.           

Zoey weighed in at 6 pounds, 9 ounces, with a completely clean bill of health.

"I am just so grateful and blessed to have a healthy baby,” Deyanira said.

"They are here, she is good, she is healthy, but I never forget, I never forget that," said Dania Morgado.

Plus, now they have a remarkable story to share.

"It's gonna be something I can tell her every Christmas when she gets older," Charles said.    

Doctors say the birth of a second child is usually quicker, and that was true for Deyanria. Four-year-old Herc was born in less than an hour.