Citrus Co. officials buy teen artist supplies after Facebook plea

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A Crystal River High School student's Facebook post, asking the internet to help her secure an electric pencil sharpener for her art turned into a big surprise for the teen. 

The Citrus County Sheriff's Office told the story on its Facebook page Friday. The student posted her plea on a Facebook resale group. She asked members if anyone was willing to trade an electric pencil sharpener for one of her original pieces of art. 

"Any willing to trade a electric pencil sharpener for art of their pet?" she asked the group. "I need a good running pencil sharpener i've been using a hand sharpener and its causing painful blisters because i sharpen around 50 pencils at a time."

Below, she added adorable, hand-drawn photos of puppy dogs. 

Someone who works at the Citrus County Sheriff's Office saw her post and knew they had to help. The employee sent an email to the entire agency, asking coworkers to help take the teen's request a few steps further, and provider her will a full set of art supplies. 

Dispatchers, firefighters and detectives all answered the call, buying "a ton of supplies for this student," according to CCSO's Facebook post of the student being presented with the stash. 

CCSO called in the Crystal River High School School Resource Officer to lead the big reveal.

"Needless to say - she was shocked that anyone would go out of their way for her. Little moments like these go a long way - especially for a young student with a passion as big as hers!" CCSO said on Facebook. 

Her face when she sees all of the goodies spread across a table is priceless. A photo posted with the Facebook post shows her hugging the SRO, then looking in amazement at the items. Now she has a whole new set of pencils to try out that brand new pencil sharpener.