City threatens water shutoff after trailer park owner misses payments

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The pressure is mounting for people who live in Spring Lake Mobile Home Park in Davenport.

Their water is going to be turned off November 20 because the park's owner is $47,000 behind on the bill.

"Can you come up with that?" FOX 13 asked the wife of the owner, Maria Friebolin.

"No," she responded. "We are trying to work on a plan. We have been paying the current bill and something towards the back. We have been doing it for years. And all of a sudden, [the city] decided they want the whole amount, and we don't have it," said Friebolin.

If the bill isn't paid, residents will be forced to find another place to live, which won't be easy. Along with being on extremely tight budgets, many have special challenges.

Michael Curley is paralyzed and has a number of serious medical problems including heart disease and kidney failure.

"I don't have no family," he told FOX 13. "I don't have nobody, so I am scared about it," Curley admitted.

Paul Sanster does not have a car. Since the park is a few miles away from his job, he can ride his bike to work.

"Most of the places we looked at are way, way out there, " he explained. "There's no bus route. There's nothing."

The impending deadline and fear of not finding a new place have his wife and many other people here with knots in their stomach.

"Stressed out. Very stressed," she repeated.