Class action lawsuit filed against Mosaic for sinkhole

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A class action lawsuit has been filed against Mosaic after a massive sinkhole opened up, leaking 215 million gallons of "slightly radioactive" water into the Florida aquifer.

Attorneys at Morgan and Morgan law firm say they are investigating and are asking those who have questions about the safety of the drinking water to contact them. The lawsuit seeks financial retribution for residents who live within a 5 mile radius of the New Wales facility.

Mosaic said it is testing water in wells nearby and say no contaminants have reached the wells. However, residents nearby say they don't trust Mosaic, since it took three weeks to tell the public about the sinkhole. Some families are drinking bottled water until it's clear whether or not their water is safe to drink.

The sinkhole hopened up August 27 underneath a pond on Mosaic's property, draining the water in the pond and spilling 215 million gallons of "slightly radioactive" water into the aquifer.

Mosaic apologized this week for not informing neighbors about the sinkhole and said it would pay for any testing nearby residents want to have done on their water. The company also said it will deliver bottled water to nearby homes.

Mosaic showed FOX 13 the data it has been sharing with the Department of Environmental Protection since two days after the sinkhole opened.

The company insists the pumps it has installed are enough to protect the water of nearby homeowners. Company officials say the pumps capture the water and turn it around, not allowing any of the water to move past the property line.

The city of Mulberry, which also was not informed of the sinkhole, said it has quadrupled the amount of testing their are doing.