Cleanup underway after stormy Sunday

Several homeowners in Pasco County spend the day Monday surveying the damage after a strong line of storms moved through the night before.

Heavy winds and rain impacted at least 10 homes spread out across the county, a Pasco spokesperson told FOX 13.

A woman who lives on Headsail Drive in New Port Richey said she watched the wind rip her patio cover out of the ground and deposit it in her front yard.

"All of a sudden the whole roof from my patio, the cover, went flying over the house," said Sandy Coltrain. "I saw it lift off and [my neighbors] said it made a really loud noise. I didn't hear it. I guess I was in shock because I didn't expect that to go flying over the roof."

A family in Holiday was displaced from their home after their roof collapsed. The wind also knocked down trees and caused roof and window damage to some houses.

Pasco officials, however, said they were prepared for more destruction given the severity of the forecasts Sunday night.