Clearwater kids get lessons in lacrosse

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Boys and girls of all ages are hitting the field in Clearwater to improve their skills in lacrosse.

"It's amazing so much fun you meet a lot of great people," said 14-year-old Jayden Griggs.

se is kind of unique in its own way so when people are trying it you know it's something new, there's not as many doing it," explained Tom Losier, one of the founders of the Clearwater Yellow Jacket Lacrosse program.

Losier and Dan Wood played lacrosse when they lived up north. They started a youth program when they moved to Clearwater. 

Initially, they had 30 students, but the interest has grown over the years.

"We're probably right around 300 kids at this point," said Wood.

Some participants say they prefer lacrosse to the more traditional school sports. 

"I wasn't really interested in football anymore and I had a friend who played lacrosse and I just started playing it and fell in love with it," said Griggs.

"I'm still playing soccer, but I like lacrosse better, so I think I'm going to do that as my main sport," said 13-year-old Reagan Black.

The founders say lacrosse has positives that the other sports don't have. 

"I think kids like it a lot because it gives them an opportunity and compete on a field no matter how big they are or how fast they are," said Black.

"It allows you to be creative so you're taking individual skills and applying them in a creative way in a team sport," said Losier.

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