Clearwater: Sewage spilled into Alligator Creek

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The city of Clearwater says 150,000 gallons of sewage spilled from a lift station on McMullen Booth Road after a plumbing failure.

According to a city statement, a mechanic discovered the leak during routine maintenance Tuesday.  Officials say a pipe or fitting failed, sending sewage onto neighboring property, then into Alligator Creek.

The mechanic immediately shut down the system, but by that point an estimated 150,000 gallons had spilled.
A duplex structure on the neighboring property was not affected, the city says, and the sewage was confined to the area along a fence line and Alligator Creek.

The city made a point to say they were releasing the information because of the governor's recent emergency order following other sewage spills in Pinellas County and the Mosaic sinkhole in Polk.

Neighbors applaud the additional transparency, but hope the city can prevent a future spill.

"When you have a storm and you live in Florida things like that happen but let's correct the pipe so that it doesn't happen again," said Leigh Martino.

City officials say signs are posted near the creek warning people to stay out of the water. They are also testing the water, but expect few environmental or health impacts. Those test results are expected in a few days.