Club Underground shooter pleads guilty, gets 20 year sentence

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The Hillsborough Sheriff's Office crime scene technicians marked the exact spot where a club shooting in downtown Tampa turned deadly nearly two years ago.

When it was over, 23-year-old Terance Wilson was dead.

In court Thursday, his killer plead guilty to second degree murder. Edgardo Molina has been in and out of jail for other crimes, but this time he's going away for a long time.

Assistant State Prosecutor Chinwe Fossett said the deadly confrontation started on a hot August night in 2014, inside Club Underground.

"The victim in this case, Mr. Wilson was in the club with his friends. The defendant was also in the club with his friends and an argument began between Terance Wilson, the deceased and the defendant," said Fossett.

It spilled out into the parking lot. At one point, Wilson thought it was safe to run back into the club, but it wasn't.

"On the way there, the defendant pulled out a gun and shot the victim, the deceased, in the back, and the bullet went through his jugular and he died on scene," said Fossett.

Now ,Molina is off to prison and will spend 20 years of life paying for what he did.