Coaches advise parents: Don't comment on the calls

Video of an all-out brawl involving parents at a children’s baseball game in Colorado is bringing attention to the bad behavior of adults.

Police in Colorado said the fight broke out last weekend because parents and coaches weren’t happy with a 13-year-old umpire’s call at a game involving 7-year-old players.

Parents in Tampa were shocked at what unfolded when they watched the video on social media.

“It's sad that's my first reaction is that it's sad,” said parent Melissa Henderson. “It's competitive, but you do have to remember that they are kids. This is a short time in their life where you want fond memories.”

Children’s baseball is supposed to be about having fun and character building. Coaches who spoke to FOX 13 News said they teach the children about good sportsmanship and advise parents not to talk about umpire calls.

“Parents want their kids to do well, and so do I, but you can't be a bad example for your kids,” said Tommy Sudderth, a coach with Tampa Bay Little League.“We have meetings before and we tell them that their job is to get basically get the kids to practice on time and encourage them from the stands, and that is it.”

Sometimes there will be bad calls or tough situations, but parents and coaches said adults have to learn to roll with it and not resort to violence.

“After the game's over, those kids at 10 years old or 7, they don't realize who won or lost, or they don't hold it inside,” said Sudderth.

Police in Colorado, meanwhile, are still looking for the man who threw the first punch in the fight. Officers said he could face assault charges. Several people were injured, including one person who was seriously hurt.