Coaches chow down on meat pies for cancer charity

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Athletic coaches from Bay Area colleges took one for the team and participated in a pie-eating contest to raise money for cancer treatment.

Walkabout Bakery in South Tampa organized the event and provided the pies – meat pies, to be exact.

Thursday kicked off the month of March with a pie-eating contest between the coaches at the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida to benefit the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa.

Like a true competitor, UT’s assistant soccer coach, Keith Fulk planned ahead.

“I’m a cancer survivor, I have squamous cell carcinoma, so this is dear to my heart,” Fulk said “I haven’t eaten for three days so I’m really ready to fill up my belly.

UT men’s soccer associate head coach, Maurice Loregnard was less confident.

“I wanted to support for sure, not sure how I’m going to do eating meat pies,” he joked.

USF’s men’s soccer coach Bob Butehorn said he was most excited to try the international flavors in the name of a good cause.

But in the end, USF's goalie coach, Ryan Thompson came out victorious.

Walkabout Bakery says a percentage of meat pie sales for the month of March will be donated to the Children's Cancer Center in Tampa. The bakery is located at 927 South Howard Ave. in Tampa.