Coast Guard rescues five 20 miles off Sand Key

Five people were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard after their 30-ft dive boat capsized about 20 miles west of Anclote Island Thursday.

Rescue crews said they spotted the boaters around 10:00 a.m., clinging to flotation devices in open water.

"The whole thing was pretty surreal as it happened," said Jeff Kennedy, who credited his survival to the Coast Guard's quick response, as well as the safety equipment he grabbed before the boat capsized.

"I just can't emphasize enough the importance of having the right safety gear," said Kennedy, when referring to the E-Pirb that was activated when the boat started to sink.

E-Pirbs are radios used to send alerts to search and rescue agencies when a boat in distress.

The survivors said they weren't sure if anyone would find them, but a good Samaritan and U.S. Coast Guard crews arrived within 20 minutes of receiving the alert.

Officials said no one was hurt.

"I really expected to be out there a long time," said Kennedy, "when I saw those guys it was just a magnificent relief."