Colorful company in Largo makes celebrations special with custom confetti

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Events large and small are made to sparkle when you add a blast of confetti. A company in Largo happens to custom-make those colorful little flakes of paper for events of all sizes.

Flutter Fetti makes streamers and custom cut shapes to set off any celebration, but it's not just cutouts. The folks at Flutter Fetti use aerodynamics to engineer every piece so it fills up the room for maximum effect.

"It's fun and excitement, flutter flies and floats and hangs in the air and gives you a spectacular special effect," said owner Renee Holmes.

She bought Flutter Fetti in 2002 and has clients in 65 countries and every state in the U.S.

"We have the widest variety of confetti and streamers of all my competitors. We have confetti strips, streamer strips, streamers with bubbles, glitter-fetti, and we can make these products fill a room with a nine-foot ceiling or an entire arena," Holmes told FOX 13.

Want to launch a snow of streamers and foil over a crowd? Flutter Fetti has everything from the tiny, star-shaped pieces of paper to the launch gun that sends a flurry of color flying through the air.

"I have clients who say to me, 'I've tried bubbles, I've tried fireworks, I've tried this, I've tried that. But until I start shooting your Flutter Fetti, my audience is not excited at all,'" Holmes said. "When you think of all the big artists, why do they end their show with a blast of confetti, because the audience stands up and cheers and claps. They're part of the celebration. That's why it's so fabulous."

She calls Flutter Fetti the Cadillac of the confetti industry.

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