Coolest air of season arrives Sunday night

Bay Area residents got a taste of fall Sunday morning as a cold front made its way into the region bringing the coldest temperatures seen since May.

"We’ve been above average all month," explained FOX 13 Meteorologist Tony Sadiku. "We’ve been breaking records left and right."

Much of the area woke up to temperatures in the low 70s on Sunday with lows expected to dip into the 60s on Monday.

Portions of North Florida, including Panama City, Tallahassee and Jacksonville had temperatures dip into the 50s Sunday morning. 

"This is a cold front, no doubt about it and it will deliver for us," Sadiku stated.

Sadiku expects the cooler, drier air to stick around for a few days and anticipates clear skies. 

The cold front didn’t bring much rain and Sadiku says the few clouds that it did bring will dissipate Sunday morning. He is watching an upper-level disturbance that could bring clouds to the Bay Area, but Sadiku does not expect it to bring any rain. 

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The last time Tampa saw temperatures below 70 was May 17, which was 152 days ago. The region typically sees the temperature drop below 70 on October 1. 

The forecast low on Monday morning is 65 degrees.