Coronavirus keeps Florida's gasoline prices low

The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is below $2 throughout Florida, according to the AAA auto club. Amid a 70-percent decline in demand because of the coronavirus, prices are down $1 a gallon from a year ago and average $1.77 a gallon.

AAA spokesman W. D. Williams said he does not see prices increasing immediately because of a glut of crude oil on the worldwide market.

“The world supply is very high right now,” Williams said. “In fact, our ability to store fuel and oil is quickly coming to an end, because everything is full. So, until we start seeing a little relief there, we are going to continue to see and benefit from low gasoline prices.”

Florida’s most-expensive gas is $1.95 a gallon in West Palm Beach, while the cheapest is $1.62 a gallon in Jacksonville, according to AAA.

“Last springtime, it was a full dollar per gallon more,” Williams said. “So, that means every time someone is filling up their car, if you have a 20-gallon gas tank, you are saving $20 on every single fill-up.”