Couple revived by Narcan in court facing child neglect charges

In orange jail jumpsuits, Scott Moreno and Shikira Ford had a video conference in family court Monday afternoon over custody of their four children.

Hillsborough County deputies said the couple were passed out in the front seats of their car on Bearss Ave. Sunday and revived with Narcan while two of their children were also in the car. 

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Moreno wiped away tears when he heard some of the kids were separated after his and Shikira Ford's arrests.

Hours earlier, Moreno and Ford were facing a judge on child neglect charges. 

Prosecutor Anthony Falcone told the judge how the two were discovered in their car. "The defendants consumed Roxie and passed out in the vehicle with children in the back seat an action that could have resulted in great bodily injury to the child victims," explained Falcone.

The Hillsborough Sheriff's Office says both adults had to be revived. They were given Narcan, a drug used to reverse an opioid overdose.

Two of their children were in the car and were rescued by deputies.
Now their fate -- along with two other siblings -- is in limbo.

Both Moreno and Ford asked the judge to place the kids with the maternal great grandmother.

Before the hearing ended, Moreno tried to tell the judge he was remorseful,  "I'm really hurt by all this," said Moreno.

But that's all he was allowed to say before he was interrupted by his attorney who told Moreno to stop talking. 

Ford was given a $2,000 bond, while Moreno was denied bond after violating his probation on an unrelated charge.