Court tries to determine Morse's mental fitness

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For five agonizing months, Khadeeja Morse has waited and pleaded for her son to get the help he needs. 

Her son, Mikese Morse is accused of intentionally running over a father riding bikes with his sons.

Afterward, Morse posted a bizarre rant on social media claiming the devil made him do it.

Weeks before the incident, Morse had walked into a police substation asking for help and warning if he were allowed to leave, he would hurt someone.

Morse was Baker Acted and during his involuntary stay reports show he attacked his public defender.

Weeks later, he would run over and kill a father of two.

At a hearing earlier this year, Morse had an outburst in court confessing to a mystery murder.

Since then, Morses mental state has been in question. One doctor determined he was incompetent to stand trial, but Morse has refused to meet with the second doctor which has stalled the case.

Morse's attorney, James Smith said, "if you are suffering from a mental illness this system fails you time and time again."     

Now Hillsborough Circuit Judge Mark Kiser is taking a different approach, asking the doctor to question jail staff who observe Morse's behavior daily.

That report is due next week and could be the first step in Morse getting the treatment he needs.

"The first competency evaluation was ordered two and a half months ago which shouldn't take this long and, as a mom all I can do is watch my child deteriorate," said Khadeeja Morse.