Crackdown on reckless motorcyclists goes airborne over Pinellas Co.

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Reckless motorcyclists who speed on Bay Area bridges and roadways may think law enforcement won't be able to keep up. Officers say they better think again.

The Clearwater Police Department continues its crackdown along US 19, catching dozens of speeders in the act.

Aerial units are being deployed to track speeding bikes until they stop or slow down. Then officers on the ground issue the citation.

More than 30 were given tickets Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Seven were going more than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit.

"We don't want to be the ones to knock on your parents' door or your loved one's door to say your loved one was just killed in an accident," said Rob Shaw, spokesperson for the Clearwater Police Department. "It is a ticking timebomb that is waiting to explode."

The crackdown on US 19 and the Courtney Campbell Causeway has been a monthslong effort by numerous agencies, including the Florida Highway Patrol, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, and Clearwater and Tarpon Springs police departments.

A month ago, troopers ticketed nearly 100 people, within six hours, on a weekday, for speeding. The two roads are fields of dreams for those with needs for speed.

"There are no stoplights, there is not a lot of traffic on them [at 3 a.m.]," said Shaw. "The thing is some of the riders will tell you at 3 a.m. there is nobody out. Well you have a handful of traffic out no matter what time of day and you are a threat to yourself and everybody else."

Nine motorcyclists were arrested, and several faced the impounding of the vehicles.