Craigslist dirt bike sale murder going to trial

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Developments tonight in the murder case against 18-year-old Ramontrae Williams.

Williams and another man are accused of killing a father who was trying to sell a dirt bike on Craigslist.

Monday, Williams had a weighty decision to make in his case. He was offered a deal that included 25 years in prison and called for him to cooperate with that state.

Williams decided to pass, saying he would not turn on his co-defendant, Donate Johnson.

Williams and Johnson are accused of gunning down James Beck during a botched robbery.

Beck was trying to seel a dirt bike on Craigslist. He and his 15-year-old son thought they were meeting with a potential buyer, but prosecutors say Williams and Johnson killed him instead.

Monday, Williams was asked by Hillsborough Judge Mark Wolfe whether he would take the deal and the defendant quickly said “no,” but then seemed to be unsure.

The judge allowed the court to break so Williams could speak with his mother.

Meanwhile, James Beck's family watched from the gallery. But in the end, Williams stood by his original decision to pass on the deal and go to trial.

Williams' mother wiped away tears and walked out of the courtroom knowing her son now faces the possibility of life in prison, if convicted.