Crime scene technician testifies in Lester Ross trial

Lester Ross' murder trial continued Tuesday in a Polk County courtroom.

A crime scene technician, Amy Losciale, was the first witness to testify in the trial. 

Losciale gave chilling testimony about how a mother and her 3-year-old daughter were found in a shallow grave in an orange grove off Dundee Road in Winter Haven.

"This is the gravesite, looking down into the grave." said Losciale. "There is a skull. What we refer to as the child's skull on the left side of the photograph."

Losciale also showed jurors what was found near the double grave: hair bands, underwear, and human hair.

Ross is accused of killing his daughter, MaSarah, and keeping her in a freezer for months.

When MaSarah's mother, Ronkeya Holmes, came from Georgia to pick her up and take her home, prosecutors said Ross put rat poison in her soda, which killed her.

If convicted, Ross could face the death penalty.

On Wednesday, Holmes' relatives are expected to take the stand.