Crossfit gym thefts: Woman uses baby as distraction to steal cellphones

A lot of people head to the gym to work off those extra Thanksgiving calories, but watch out -- several Valley gyms have been hit by thieves.

Their workout routine consists of stealing cell phones and surveillance video has caught them in the act.

We have independently confirmed that these two women have hit a total of five crossfit gyms, including this one, Copperhead Crossfit.

Each time, they go for the same thing: cell phones and nothing else.

What's most concerning is one of the women appears to be using her baby as a distraction in these thefts.

"Two ladies came in.. they were asking for information on the gym," said Copperhead Crossfit's owner, Nathan Zigler.

It's something that happens all the time at Copperhead Crossfit -- people looking to get more information about classes, but what happens next is something Zigler did not expect to see on his surveillance cameras.

The other woman with her young baby walked to the back of the room, sat down just inches away from a man and then quickly grabbed an unattended cell phone and tucked it between her and the baby, then walked off.

"I couldn't believe that someone had the gaul to sit there with someone, not even a foot from her as she takes the phone holding a baby, stands up and walks away from it," said Zigler.

But this is not the first time these women have done this. Just last Monday, the same two women and the baby hit Sol Crossfit near 36th Street and Indian School Road.

"The lady with the baby started going through stuff.. she got away with two phones because a member came out and she kind of got startled," said Sol Crossfit's owner, Lance Manywounds.

Jenna Blusiewicz, who works out at Back Alley Crossfit near 12th Street and Northern says she was a victim of the ladies.

"One of the other gals in my crossfit class realized that both her personal and work phones were missing from her purse, so all of us quickly ran over to our belongings to see if we had fallen victim to it as well and I was one of them," she said.

We have also confirmed that the ladies have also hit the Spark Crossfit Gym and the Eighth Street Crossfit Gym in Tempe.

If you have any information about this case, call Silent Witness. You can remain anonymous and receive a cash award for tips leading to an arrest or indictment.