Custody hearing for parents in case of little boy with cancer

Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland walked into family court in Hillsborough County Tuesday with a burst of confidence believing they are one-step closer to getting their son back.

They lost custody back in April, after Noah was diagnosed with cancer.

Noah went through two rounds of chemotherapy but then his parents skipped his next treatment and took their son to Kentucky.

They objected to chemo and wanted to try natural remedies for Noah.
But the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office tracked the family down and brought them back to Tampa.

Noah was taken away from his parents and temporary custody was given to his maternal grandmother.
Soon Noah’s cancer treatment became a legal battle playing out in public.

A judge ruled Noah would get chemo in conjunction with holistic remedies but months later, Taylor Bland says that hasn't happened.

Days ago, she wrote in her blog, Noah labs were so poor doctors stopped chemo treatment for a week. "He was healthy when he had his mom and dad, when he was not traumatized by the people that claim to have his best interest at heart," wrote Bland.

Now, Noah's parents are going to trial in August to try and win full custody of Noah.