Dali Museum’s $38 million planned expansion delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic

The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg continues to host an elaborate exhibit featuring the work of Vincent Van Gogh.  
For the last couple of weeks ‘Van Gogh Alive’ has allowed visitors to see his work at an enormous scale while walking through dozens of HD projectors with his works explained in context behind a classical score.  
“We’ve been very pleased. We’ve sold out the very first week and our highly sought-after time slots are filling up,” said Beth Bell, marketing director.  
Salvador Dali himself used technology to enhance storytelling and that’s something the museum has embraced in the past and is betting on in the future.  

That’s why The Dali wants to expand into a second major structure. A new building, where a parking lot currently sits, will feature community and educational spaces that will concentrate on technology.  
“We are using this exhibit, ‘Van Gogh Alive,’ as an example of the types of things that would be in that space,” Bell told FOX 13. 

The Dali is asking for about $17 million of tax money from the county to pay for part of the renovation. The museum plans to raise another $21 million to make up the difference. However, Hank Hine, Director of The Dali says the pandemic has caused delays.  
“That movement is direct, but it has slowed down like everything in the world by the COVID pandemic,” Hine said.  
The ‘Van Gogh Alive’ experience will be at The Dalí through April 11, 2021. A new round of tickets will be released this Friday.  


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