Daughter surprises dad with news she's cancer-free

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A dad in Madeira Beach got the birthday surprise of a lifetime Tuesday when his daughter revealed her cancer was in remission. 

Dave Register shared the news on the Facebook page of the family business, Key West Shrimp Company in Madeira Beach. 

The post included a photo of his daughter, Cori, standing in front of Moffitt Cancer Center, holding a sign that reads "Happy B-Day Dad! I'm cancer-free 6-26-2018."

The caption on the post: "Best birthday gift ever!!!!"

Her smile says it all, but her shirt added an extra message. "Kiss cancer good-bye" was written on her shirt along with a pink lipstick kiss.

Dave told FOX 13 News his daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Ewing's sarcoma, back in November 2017. He says today she learned the cancer is in remission.

Today is also his birthday.

"It is a great day," he said.

Friends, family, and customers posted congratulatory messages below the photo. 

"This is FANTASTIC! Thank you God, continued prayers!" one person wrote.

Another said, "That's wonderful! So happy!! Kick it goodbye!"