Dead deer hung from flagpole outside Brandon High School

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Brandon High School students arrived Monday morning to a scene they described as disturbing and disgusting: someone hung a dead deer from the flag pole.

Hillsborough County deputies said someone spotted the deer, estimated to be the size of a four-point buck, after it was likely hoisted up the pole overnight.

"It's just more of a disturbing factor," said Det. Larry McKinnon, a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office. "So we're going to take it very seriously, try to figure out who did this and then hold them accountable."

McKinnon believes this was likely a bad prank. Several teenagers who go to Brandon High said they think it was pulled off by students at a rival high school

"These school pranks are sometimes very elaborate, but we've never seen them to this particular type of shock value," he said. "We're hoping that that's all it is in this situation, is that it was a prank that went way overboard, way too far."

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video and said whoever did it could face charges, including trespassing.

Several students took pictures and video of the deer, which spread quickly on social media.

"It was gross. It's not something that you want to start your day off with," said Abigail Ross Whichello.

"I was walking towards the entrance and I saw it there and there were people taking pictures and it's just sadistic. You don't do that," added Kari Kelber, a Sophomore student.

The investigation remains ongoing, McKinnon said.