DeBartolo Family Foundation, USAA pour funds into helping community through pandemic

Foundations and corporations all over the Bay Area are stepping up to help their community during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Their spirit of giving is what's right with Tampa Bay.

Phones are ringing at a frantic pace at Metropolitan Ministries. They are averaging around 100 calls a day.

"This is the most unprecedented time in our history," said Metropolitan Ministries CEO Tim Marks. "We really need people to come alongside and help us out."

Corporations are stepping up to the challenge.

USAA just donated $450,000 to three Bay Area charities, including Metro Ministries.

"When something like this happens, where the need increases substantially, it's just the right thing to do," said USAA's Yvette Segura.

Tampa General Hospital just received more than $2 million from the DeBartolo Family Foundation.

"It just makes the work that we are doing a little bit easier to have those kind of funds available to us," TGH president John Couris said.

Although the charities are thankful for the contributions, still more funds are needed.

"We're trying to help as many as we can. We can't do it without this great Tampa Bay community," Marks explained.