Defendant in deadly Bayshore crash released from jail

A 17-year-old charged in the street-racing crash that killed a mother and daughter faced a judge today before posting bond and walking out of jail.

John Barrineau faces serious, adult charges: Two counts of vehicular homicide and street racing.

The young defendant was given a $50,500 bond today, but there are several rules he must follow while he is out.  He may not drive, He must wear a GPS monitor on his ankle, and have no contact with the co-defendants in his case.

According to investigators, witnesses say Barrineau and co-defendant Cameron Herrin were racing on Bayshore last month. Herrin, who was allegedly driving a black Mustang, struck and killed a mother and 2-year-old little girl as they crossed Bayshore.

Barrineau was behind the Mustang and pulled over and called 911.  You could see the 17-year-old breaking down at the scene.

Cameron’s brother, Tristen was also in the car and is facing charges too.

“Undoubtedly this is a tragedy,” Barrineau’s attorney offered today.  “My client and his family are devastated over the incident that happened on Bayshore Boulevard.  Our condolence our hearts go out to the family.”

Attorney Anthony Rickman knows emotions in the community are also running very high.

“It’s very easy to rush to judgment,” he continued.  “We ask that that doesn’t occur, especially for Mr. Barrineau, until all the facts on Mr. Barrineau are made public.”

Barrineau was released from jail after posting bond this afternoon.  

No new court dates have been set yet.