Defendant's grandfather testifies against him in front of jury

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Andrew Dixon says gas station surveillance video shows his grandson, Alkwaun Dixon walking
across the parking lot the night of a deadly robbery.

Andrew Dixon told the jury Monday he is sure his grandson is the young man seen in the video, wearing a hoodie.

Dixon testified his grandson has a distinct walk that he quickly recognized.

"He had a different walk than normal. It was more like an old man style walk," Andrew Dixon explained.

Alkwaun Dixon and his alleged accomplice, Xavier Smith are accused of killing Michael Beson during a botched robbery at a Plant City gas station in April of 2016.

Bonnie Beson watched her husband die, yet she wasn't able to identify Dixon as the shooter.

In fact, Dixon's grandfather has been the only witness to identify Alkwaun at the crime scene.

Under cross-examination Monday, Andrew Dixon acknowledged police had planted the seed of suggestion in his head, which prosecutors argued in a hearing Friday. They had aimed to block Andrew Dixon's testimony in front of a jury, but were unsuccessful.