Defendant's mother interrupts court to ask for mental healthcare for son

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The mother of a man, accused of running over and killing a father and his son as they rode bicycles in Tampa, disrupted proceedings Thursday to ask the judge for mental health treatment for her son.

Khadeeja Morse's outburst did not end in the courtroom. She confronted Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren outside.

"Can he get treatment, please, so he can get medical attention, psychiatric care?" Khadeeja Morse pleaded in court, throwing her hands in the air.

We may have gotten a glimpse of her son, Mikese Morse's mental state a few weeks ago when he had his own courtroom outburst, confessing to a mystery murder.

Thursday, Khadeeja Morse asked the state attorney to intervene and help her son get the treatment he needs while in jail.

"We are going to work with the jail and we are going to work with the court, like we always do, to make sure defendants get the treatment they need," Warren said. 

Mikese Morse's mental state has been in question since before his arrest. 

Weeks before he allegedly mowed down the bicycling family, Morse walked into a police substation looking for help and warning an officer that he would hurt someone if was allowed to leave. He was taken into custody under the Baker Act, but released a few days later.

After the fatal crash, Morse posted video rants on social media, blaming the devil.

Morse's parents say they have tried unsuccessfully to get him help for years. Now they say they are left to pick up the pieces of a broken mental health system that continues to fail their son.

"He went in for a cut and he was bleeding. They wouldn’t say 'Oh, OK. Eleven weeks later maybe we will do something.' You would treat it. Why is mental health care any different?" Morse asked.

In court, a doctor said he evaluated Morse, who he thought was unfit to stand trial, but prosecutors asked for a second opinion.

Another doctor will examine Morse and will share his results with the judge on October 8, 2018.