Demolition process at the Lakeland Electric Mcintosh Power Plant continues

Saturday morning started with a bang at the Lakeland Electric McIntosh Power Plant...a big bang.

People watched as the 250ft Unit 3 boiler went Kaboom! 

It's the second implosion in two months - part of the demolition process as Lakeland Electric and contracted company - Total Wrecking & Environmental -rids of its old coal power plant that closed in 2021, to make room for a new one that will use more natural gas. 

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"It was jobs and affordable power for many years, and now we're moving on to a new generation, so it's bittersweet, but it's time to move on," said GM of Lakeland Electric, Michael Beckham.

So who's the guy that got to press that important button? 

That would be Chris Keiger with Buffalo, NY based non-profit - Western New York Heroes. 

A winner was chosen through an auction where the highest bidder would get to do it...but when that man couldn't be here - he gave Chris permission to have a blast! 

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Nearly $10,000 raised will go to three charities that support veterans including honor flight which takes vets on an emotional trip to Washington D.C and Chris'.

"Our primary mission is to help veterans with mortgage, rent and utilities," Krieger explained. "We run off of donations and fundraising, we don't get any state or federal funding so having this and the support of total wrecking truly means a lot." 

The aluminum, steel and metal remnants of the explosion have already been sold to companies to use for other purposes.