Deputies: Man arrested for chasing driver who passed child's school bus

A Pasco County father was arrested for a violent confrontation deputies say he had with a driver who he claimed was driving dangerously around his daughter's school bus.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, Daniel Carroll, 43, was following the school bus, Tuesday, after growing concern over reckless drivers.

Investigators say Carroll followed one driver home for making a left turn in front of the stopped school bus.

The driver told deputies Carroll was aggressive toward him.

"He got out, he drew his weapon and pointed at the victim, and the victim was in fear for his life," said Kevin Doll, a spokesperson for the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

According to the arrest report, Carroll admitted he followed the driver home but claims he only drew the weapon when the driver threatened him.

"The suspect should have called law enforcement, reported it, and we could have taken a look at it, he shouldn't have taken the law into his own hands," said Doll.

Other parents say they've witnessed many drivers blow by stopped school buses.

"It seems like the drivers aren't paying attention, or maybe they don't care," said Mark Holsapple, who added that Tuesday's incident between Carroll and the driver could have been handled differently, "that's something extreme."

A group of parents in Pasco County had the same complaints in Nov. 2018 and got the sheriff's office involved.

Deputies issued dozens of citations in a special operation shortly after meeting with the concerned parents.

Doll says that's the best way to avoid dangerous situations and address a problem his agency takes seriously.

Daniel Carroll was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.