Deputies: Port Richey home 'overrun' with chickens

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A Port Richey woman is facing charges after more than 100 chickens were removed from her home and the house next-door Tuesday.

According to Pasco County deputies, who were assisting Code Compliance officers, Debra Johnson had 106 chickens and two turkeys in two homes on San Sierra Way.

"I've been doing this 18 years," said Sgt. Chris Joyal with the Sheriff's Office Agricultural Unit. "I don't think I've ever seen chickens in a house and certainly not 106 of them."

Joyal said Johnson, 52, was seen moving chickens from her home to a vacant one next-door Tuesday morning.

"I'm not sure if it was a hoarding issue or what the motivation was. She wasn't real communicative," Joyal said.

Neighbors said they've been bothered by the noise and smell for two years.

"It's been hell for a lot of the neighbors especially," said Mary Bona, who lives across a canal behind Johnson's home "[It's] very annoying. You can't go all day long and not hear those chicken and roosters."

"I couldn't even be on my back porch for two years. It's just horrible," added Linda Gore.

Bona and her neighbors have filed several complaints with the county and are glad to see this resolved.

"I'm just glad it's over with. I'm glad they're finally doing something about it," she said.

Joyal told FOX 13 the chickens actually appear to be in good shape with plenty of food and water. Right now Johnson is facing a few minor charges including resisting arrest and giving investigators a fake name.

There was another woman, described by neighbors as blind and elderly, living in Johnson's home who has been taken to another location.