Deputies: Speeding driver threatened family with gun

When a Sarasota family tried to report a driver speeding up and down their street, they say he pulled out a gun and pointed it in their faces.

"My concern was my kids. If my kids weren't outside they'd have picked up a dead body," said Jordan Williams.

Williams says he and his family were outside Saturday when they say a car kept speeding up and down Skyline Place.

Deputies say 28-year-old Willie Lewis Jr. was behind the wheel.
At one point, when the car was a couple of streets away, Williams' wife tried getting the tag number. 

That's when deputies say Lewis, now in the passenger seat, pointed a gun inches from her face.  He allegedly drove by their house again and did the same to her husband.

"Sticks the gun over the roof of the car and waving it around like he's going to do something with it," said Williams.

Lewis is a convicted felon; it is illegal for him to have a gun. He recently got out of prison after doing seven years for robbery with a deadly weapon and cocaine charges.

"The suspect denied everything, but we had consent to search the vehicle.  We found ammunition, empty magazines and we found the gun nearby where deputies stopped him," said Sarasota County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Wendy Rose.  

Lewis didn't sit in jail long in this case; he's out after posting $47,500 bond.  Because of that, Williams says he and his family are moving out, fearing retaliation.