Detective: Long execution 'finalization' of his work

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Murders at the hands of Bobby Joe Long happened more than 30 years ago, but the brutality of the killings aren't forgotten by retired detective Stephen Cribb, who worked for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

"Each of the crime scenes was horrible, the way the bodies had been murdered," says Cribb.

He arrested Long in 1984 for a series of killings; at least eight young women who were killed and mutilated.

"He confessed to all the murders, even some we had not found the bodies yet," says Cribb, who has followed the case for 34 years since the murders.

Long is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Florida state prison near Starke.

He's been on death row longer than any current inmate.

Long was finally tracked down with the help of the only victim to escape, Lisa McVey. She gave detectives information and Cribb sent her clothes to the crime lab.

"It came back with the same carpet fibers that were on her clothing that were on our murder victims'," says Cribb.

Cribb says he wants to witness Long's execution.

"Finalization of my work," says Cribb. "I promised him I would be there one day after he attacked me."

Cribb says Long snapped during a meeting at the jail.

"It was amazing how polite and well-mannered he was and then he turned into a vicious animal. Jail guards pulled him off me," says Cribb.

He says he believes Long would have killed him if he could.

"Oh gosh yes. He doesn't like me. I had the main evidence that connected him to the murders," Cribb said.