Did housewife's secret life lead to murder?

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Did a suburban housewife's side job cause her death?

That is the question facing Calera Alabama Police detectives. 

Bloomingdale High School graduate and former Tampa resident Kathleen Dawn West was found near naked and bleeding from the head by a neighbor on January 13th.

The police say that she had been murdered just outside of her Alabama home. She was wearing only a sports bra.

The incident shook the normally quiet community as the investigation into the murder of the housewife and mom took a turn as the investigation revealed her internet history with signs of a double life.

Kathleen West was known as @KittyKatWest75 on Twitter.

The page featured risque photos and solicited followers to join her "pay page" to see even more photos promising provocative content.

Followers who paid a monthly fee were able to see that content and presumably interact with West even more online.

Her last post on the Twitter page was on January 12th, the day before her murder.

Her Facebook page also featured multiple suggestive photos of herself although no adult link was mentioned.

Regardless what she was doing in her private time, the police department is looking at this case as a serious crime that has left a man without his wife and a child without her mother.