Doctor: Lethal injection drug would not cause adverse reaction in Bobby Joe Long

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Chanel Williams was just one of eight Tampa area women who were raped and murdered by serial killer Bobby Joe Long.

Her body, like Long's other victims, was found in an empty field in Hillsborough County.

Her mother, Lula Williams has been waiting for justice for decades.

"It’s just been too long. It’s been a strain. It’s emotional, physically, on the family and friends; people that love her," said Williams.

Now it appears that day will come. Long has a date with death. The governor signed his death warrant last week and his execution was scheduled for May 23.

Now, Long is fighting to stay away from the death chamber. Long's attorney says his client had a traumatic brain injury when he was young and suffers from epilepsy.

He argued Friday the cocktail of lethal drugs used in executions, coupled with Long's condition, could cause him to have a seizure during the execution. 

Long's lawyer said that would amount to cruel and unusual punishment.

Williams said she finds the irony appalling.

"He inflicted pain on my daughter and the other victims and he's worried about pain and what he's going to feel? No, that’s not right," said Williams   

On Friday during a hearing, a doctor from California testified about the anesthetic drug etomidate. It is one of the first drugs administered during the execution.

Dr. Steve Yun said, based on his medical history, Long likely would not have an adverse reaction to the drug.

"We reliably assume it will induce a deep deep state of unconsciousness so it could eliminate the possibility of seizure activity," said Yun.

Long's attorney challenged the doctor's expertise, pointing out he didn’t even read up on the drug before his testimony.

"As a critical practicing anesthesiologist, I don't need to read basic textbooks to review my knowledge on etomidate, the same way I don't need to review my car manual to drive my car," explained Dr. Yun.

But none of this matters to Chanel’s uncle, Eugene Williams.

"Just imagine what my niece went through," said a tearful Williams.

The judge is expected to rule Monday on whether executing Long by lethal injection will be cruel and unusual punishment.