Doctor to evaluate Orin Bivens' competency

In the beginning, defendant Orin Bivens caused a disruption in court, claiming to be a sovereign monarch. He said the laws do not apply to him.

The judge sent Bivens to jail for six months for contempt of court.

Bivens is accused of gunning down his ex-wife’s husband during an argument. He claims it was self-defense and, during two 'stand your ground' hearings, he claimed the alleged victim was actually the aggressor.

Later, he admitted he chased the victim up a set of stairs and shot him in the back.

“I [saw] him running up the stairs and I started firing up the stairs to try to stop him,“ said Bivens.

Twice, the judge denied him immunity. Now Bivens' competency is in question after he wrote a rambling motion to the judge, claiming his attorney is mistreating him.

Bivens wrote that Hillsborough County public defender, Mike Peacock was bullying and belittling him.

Bivens claimed Peacock told him, “your God can’t save you now,” and, “I don’t have to like you to represent you. We are not friends.”

In court Thursday, the two stood side-by-side with no signs of friction. For now, Peacock remains his lawyer.

On Bivens' competency, two doctors evaluated him. One found him fit to stand trial and another doctor did not.

The judge has ordered a third, tiebreaker doctor evaluate Bivens and return with his report in late May.