Doctors use virtual reality to train for operating room

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Technology and training are expanding in the world of medicine.

"Every 74 days medical information is doubled," explained Erik Maltais, the CEO of Tampa virtual reality company, Immertec. "With that comes many advancements in surgeries and in medical devices. However, the amount of time in a physician's life hasn't changed."

Sometimes that training requires doctors to travel to different locations.

But Immertec might have a solution that could save them the trip.

"Our technology can work from here to Texas or from here to Singapore," said Maltais.

It involves a virtual reality headset and an app. Through the headset, the physicians can view the surgery in 3D.

"We allow our customers access to real-time surgeries where they can communicate both with the training physician and the other doctors that are learning at the same time and get a collaborative learning experience," Maltais said.

With a controller, they can get access to the feeds in the operating room.

"You can move the endoscopy wherever you want so you can put it in that perfect position where you see the physician's hands," he said.

It's a virtual experience that could mean an increase in patient care worldwide.  

"We think that this is a compelling technology that will disrupt the way that surgical training happens on a global scale," Maltais said.

For more information about Immertec, visit their website.