Documents detail case against woman accused of murdering in-laws

Detectives say the day they interviewed defendant Marisol Best, they asked her when she had last fired a gun?

"Uhh, maybe 34 years ago,” replied Best.  But they say that was a lie.

Investigators say Best shot and killed her in-laws.  It was Marsiol's husband, Robert Best, who discovered his parents the next morning.   He was headed to court in Polk County to fight child-sex charges.

"My parents had asked if we could stop over on our way this morning,” he recalled.  “They wanted to pray with us.”

But instead, they walked into a horrific crime scene.

"I looked and I could see my mom laying on the floor.  I pushed the door open and I went to check to see if she was dead.  There was blood everywhere and I turned and I saw my father and I checked him and I just left," Robert continued tearfully.

New evidence released in the case shows, at first, investigators zeroed in on Robert, while Marisol played the role of the supportive wife, whispering "I love you" to her husband.

But Marisol's web of lies, detectives say, began to unravel when they talked to Robert’s boss.  He said two guns were missing from his truck and they should ask Marisol, who had been using his truck.

Marsiol turned the guns over and started talking.

“She didn't like how they treated her husband so she took matters into her own hands and killed them both,” explained attorney Anthony Rickman.

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Records show Marisol told detectives she went to her car, grabbed a gun, and said, "it’s either them or me." Then she went inside the house, prayed with her in-laws, and shot them dead.

Ballistic tests show the .40-caliber pistol she turned over was the murder weapon.

Marisol is now facing the death penalty, charged with two counts of murder.