Dog hailed a hero after saving his owner in Port Richmond house fire

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“Just woke up and saw my neighbor’s house was on fire, flames going up the curtains, before I knew it, the whole house was engulfed.”

And inside the burning brick row home in Port Richmond at 4:20 this morning, a woman, her dog and cat were trapped inside.

“The firemen quickly acted, they ran in the house,  they observe the situation took Andy out on a stretcher come to find out the dog was laying on top of her to protect her. It’s a beautiful thing.”

This is the victim's dog, a chow, lab mix, called Che, whose barking alerted neighbors about the fire, and whose dedication to his owner is why they say a dog is man's best friend.

“When they said the fire department opened up the door the dog was laying on top of the lady as he was guarding his master,” John Clark, a neighbor, said.

Firefighters rescued the woman, she was transported to the hospital. They also brought out her dog, and her cat, both unconscious.

Captain Clifford Gilliam said, “They actually also rescued two animals , one dog was brought outside and resuscitated by firefighters that dog was then transported by Red Paws to emergency for care.”