Dogs displaced by LA flooding find homes in Tampa

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Animal shelters across the country are lending a hand to four-legged friends in Louisiana. As the flood crisis continues, Louisiana's shelters are becoming overcrowded with lost, abandoned and surrendered pets.

"You feel bad for people because no one wants to give up their pet but if your home is destroyed or you have no place to go, sometimes that's what happens," explained Humane Society of Tampa Bay CEO Sherry Silk. "Because of the horrific flooding that's still going on, shelters in the Baton Rouge area had called us and some other local shelters and said, can you please help us?"

This week the Humane Society of Tampa Bay took in 18 puppies and dogs from flood devastated areas.  On Saturday lines formed outside the shelter's front doors as the dogs went up for adoption. Several puppies were adopted within the first hour after doors opened.

By closing, 12 of the 18 Louisiana dogs were adopted. Two dogs are still awaiting adoption and four more will be made available after they receive a clean bill of health from the shelter's veterinarian.  

There are, of course, plenty of local pets that need a good home as well. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is open from 10 5 p.m on weekends and from noon to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. To view adoptable pets check out: