Donation-funded school in South St. Pete hit by robbers

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A South St. Petersburg, Florida private school was hit by thieves. Now the school, which mostly serves children who have unstable home lives, is out thousands.

Mikita Goslin, a 6-8 grade teacher, says Moriah Christian Academy in South St. Pete runs off of donations from the community and this theft has set them back in a big way.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Goslin said. “They are taking from kids, and it’s a church.”

Detectives with St. Pete police are trying to find the thief or thieves who went on a rampage at the school over the weekend.

Principal Shannon Dolly estimates more than $3,000 worth of electronics were stolen.

“Chrome books, TV’s, a projector, they took the router to the computer so we have no internet as of today,” Goslin said.

Officers and detectives were on scene Tuesday processing the school for fingerprints and say the case remains under investigation.

“The students, this [school] is their only outlet,” Goslin said. “It made me empty yesterday. I couldn’t believe when we went to walk around the school to see what was taken, what was gone.”

Some parents have begun donating what they can. The school says its first priority is to install windows that provide more security and a video surveillance system.