Dress for success: Program helps students get ready for school

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A dedicated group of volunteers is helping financially struggling students dress for academic success. 

“Oasis is a grass-root organization that works with the social workers to provide gently used or new clothing and necessities to at-risk and low-income students in Hillsborough County,” said associate director Dawn Schulman. 

Oasis was started in 2001 by a group of moms who saw a need in the schools. 

“Families were making decisions between putting food in their bellies and getting new school clothing and supplies for back to school,” said Schulman. 

The service helps more than 10,000 students each year. 

“It’s nice to help out my peers. It’s good to know that I am doing something in the community that’s productive or helpful,” said student volunteer Jack Teeter. 

“We have four locations across the Hillsborough County district,” added Schulman. “All of our 240-plus social workers have access to the site, hopefully within 30 minutes. 

Oasis now has a delivery program for social workers who can’t make it to the site. 

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