Drive-by retirement ceremony sends St. Petersburg College employee off in style

David Houston was surprised by his retirement send-off from St. Petersburg College. 

"I knew that I would probably get something, but nothing along the lines I got.  Which, is by the way, the best thing that they could have done. I love it. It was better than a party." 

The faculty and staff got together in the school's parking to celebrate Houston's 46 years of service as a facility technician. 

"We met with our staff and came up with a plan to recognize Dave by doing a basic drive-by and showing him some love and support," said SPC College Provost Mark Strickland. 

"I thought it was pretty awesome," Houston exclaimed. "I mean we kept our social distance, but it was really awesome that they came out enough to wish me well." 

More than 30 current and former co-workers came to the drive-by retirement ceremony to wish him well. Strickland said, "People decorated their cars, they honked and we also provided him his resolution, which essentially thanks him for all his years of service." 

Houston’s colleagues have a special place in his heart. “They're like family to me,” he said. “The whole place is like family." 

Houston explained that while he enjoyed his job, he is ready for retirement. 

"I got my 46 years in,” he said. “I don't want to do another 46. I'm ready to travel as soon as this virus stuff is gone." 

Houston is an example of going above and beyond to show appreciation for a dedicated employee.