Drivers, beware: More rain means more street flooding

Steady rains continue across much of the Bay Area, but the coastal and northern counties were seeing the most rain this morning.

Local street flooding has become a common sight in those communities thanks several inches of rain in the last few days. Panorama Avenue in Tarpon Springs was no exception; Friday morning, FOX 13 cameras spotted several drivers and even a motorcyclist attempting to make it through a flooded section just east of U.S. 19.

Several cars got stuck in the flood and had to be pulled out. Other vehicles made it across, but experts warn that even when your car makes it through deep water, there's still a chance that it has suffered expensive electrical damage that may not be apparent until later.

Rain is expected to continue for the next day or so until we return to a more regular summertime storm pattern. A flood watch remains in effect for the entire area.

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