Duluth police officer pays Uber for mom, son with broken down car

A Duluth police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to help out a family in need.

Officer Addington spotted a woman and child walking down Pleasant Hill Road near Sidley Lanier Boulevard around 2 a.m. Tuesday. According to the Duluth Police Department, the officer stopped the two to make sure they were okay due to what time of the night it was. 

"After speaking with the female, Officer Addington discovered her vehicle had broken down," Duluth police said on Facebook, sharing a picture. "The female needed to get to her sister's house in Dacula but had no way to get there and her sister had been unable to come and pick her up." 

That's when Officer Addington used his own money to pay for an Uber so the mother and her son could get to their relative's house safely. 

"Officer Addington had no hesitation on what course of action to take, his concern for the well-being of the mother and child were the only thing that he cared about at that moment."