Dunedin Fine Art Center reopens with the “Art of Social Distancing” exhibit

At the beginning of June, the Dunedin Fine Art Center welcomed back visitors for the first time in three months.

"The Art Center isn't an art center without .... people," shared DFAC CEO, George Ann Bissett.

"It's so nice for our beautiful exhibits to have people looking at them again," she said. "Without people, they are just pictures on a wall."

The DFAC is following the CDC guidelines for being open as they take temperatures of visitors and monitor the number of people coming and going from the facility. Every evening it undergoes a deep cleaning for all common surfaces and high touch areas.

"Everyone is cooperating," said Bissett. "I have seen the most extraordinary masks on kids."

The “Art of Social Distancing" is on display until the end of the month and, on June 28, the DFAC is hosting its "Heard it Through the Grapevine" annual fundraiser.

"We have lots of surprises for people," Bissett promised.

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