Early morning storms wake thousands, leave behind damage

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As the sun came up Monday morning, Lani Copp couldn't believe her eyes. 

"Look at that. This is terrible," she said. 

Crews worked to clear off aluminum roofs at Coach House Mobile Home Park in Palmetto. Strong winds peeled them back and sent them flying onto power lines and into their neighbor's yards. 

"These are my friends. There are quite a few trailers without a roof on them," continued Copp. 

It appeared as if no street in the mobile home park was spared. The park's maintenance building roof landed in a nearby lot. Other homes had their carports ripped right off the ground. 

The bad weather moved in during the early morning hours in Palmetto. 

"I just heard all this wind blowing onto the house. I was a little nervous. I got up and it was just the wind," said Bobbie Ray. 

Residents across the Bay Area were awakened by storms, – some severe – with lots of lightning and strong winds.

Bobbie Ray said it was around 5 in the morning when the damage began. 

"Something hit my house. It was some type of a disc and then I was just up all night," she said. 

Bobbie Ray has called the park her home for the last 15 years.  She said she's never seen anything this bad before. 

"I couldn't believe it. All this pink stuff it looks like cotton candy. It was all over my house and the yard," she said. 

A 91-year old woman's home was pierced by a flying beam. It went through her bedroom, but she was not injured. 

There was only one report of a man who was hurt while cleaning up. 

While there is major damage, residents believe they are lucky. 

"This is God's home. He is protecting us and that's who I prayed to last night. I said God please protect me and get me through this and he did," added Ray.